Mr. Pogi

“Mr. Pogi” is a charming Doxie who suddenly came down with a spine disease that caused him a lot of pain until eventually he lost mobility of his back legs. His “parents” have no other children besides Mr. Pogi and when they reached out to FACE for assistance they made it very clear that they didn’t think of him as a pet, but as their son. In her own words, Pogi’s mom wrote, “I don’t like calling myself a dog owner. I, like many pet lovers, am a mother. Humans and canines, there is no difference. What matters is love. I love my son.” She then went on to explain that both she and her husband “make an honest living as Medical Assistants.” Despite working hard to put food on the table, paying their bills on time, and taking good care of Pogi, they would not be able to come up with the thousands of dollars that would pay for Mr. Pogi’s life-saving surgery. “What pained us the most is knowing your son is in pain, and that he looks to you for help and you look at the big four digit number at the bottom of the invoice, and you realize you can’t help him,” she wrote. “I can’t bring myself to give Pogi the alternative.” FACE is proud to have been able to save this family from making a heartbreaking decision.