Meet Morty! Four-year old Morty needed surgery to remove a very large mass on his upper left eyelid that covered 90% of his eye. The mass was not only affecting his vision and quality of life but had also become quite painful. The cost of the surgery was more than Morty’s mom could afford. With nowhere else to turn, she applied for FACE’s Save-A-Life Program. Thanks to our veterinary partner A Cat’s View and sponsor Talley & Company we were able to help Morty get his much needed surgery.

Morty’s mom says, “Morty had his surgery and is recovering phenomenally! Dr. Mathews and her team did a great job and created a new, functional eyelid for him and while the 2 weeks in the cone made him a little sad, he’s good as new! He’s back to his usual, cuddly self and playing with anything and everything! Thank you guys so much for all the help, I am forever grateful! Lily & Morty”.