This is Monkey! She is a sweet Maltese/Chihuahua mix who loves her “dad” R.T. very much. R.T has a serious heart condition and relies on Monkey for comfort and support every day. One day, Monkey was feeling adventurous and decided to jump off a high desk. Unfortunately, she did not have a smooth landing and wound up breaking her right leg.

R.T. quickly rushed her to the hospital where it was determined that she would need surgical repair. This was unfortunate news to R.T, as he had already been struggling with his own medical bills. With nowhere to turn, he turned to FACE, saying: “I want the best care for my lil’ girl!”

Thankfully, FACE was able to provide them the grant they needed and Monkey is now on her way to a full recovery!

Here’s a little note about Monkey from her doctors at Veterinary Specialty Hospital: “She is a very sweet dog and it was our pleasure to meet her.”