Meet “Monkey!” This snuggly pup is loved by her “mom,” a single school teacher here in San Diego. After being told that one of her students could no longer care for this puppy, this teacher adopted Monkey into her home. Monkey was doing great adjusting to her life with her new owner and doggy siblings, until one day she became suddenly ill. Monkey refused to eat and had no strength to get up and play, which was very unlike her or any puppy of her age. Her owner rushed Monkey to the vet, where it was discovered she had a foreign body obstruction: she swallowed something she couldn’t digest. An emergency surgery was needed to save Monkey, but the sudden cost just wasn’t doable for her owner at the time. School was out for the summer, and she was working a part-time job just to make ends meet until fall. The thought of losing her puppy was unbearable, so she reached out to FACE for financial assistance. Thankfully, with the help of Pet Emergency & Specialty Center FACE was able to get Monkey the surgery she needed. Special thanks to FACE Save-a-Life Partner PESC for helping to save Monkey. 

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