This loveable chubster is “Micoy!” Anyone who owns a cat knows how easy it is to fall in love with your kitty’s crazy antics and eventually wind up dressing them up in silly clothes. Well Micoy is no exception. His family enjoyed laughing and playing with this fluffy boy for 6 glorious years until one day when Micoy started acting strange. He was lethargic and showed no interest in food. Things took a turn for the worse when they noticed Micoy could not even go potty. Turns out Micoy had a painful urethral obstruction that needed immediate attention. After three days in the hospital with a catheter, Micoy showed no signs of improvement. Against the vet’s wishes, his family brought him home because they simply could not afford anymore overnight stays at the hospital. Micoy’s “mom” was battling breast cancer herself and those treatments already put a major strain on the family. His family realized they were left with no choice but to do the most humane thing for their Micoy. By chance, they heard about the FACE Foundation at the last minute. FACE was able to help this family pay for Micoy’s surgery to get unblocked!