Messi is a gentle, seven-month-old English Bulldog who loves to play! His two human brothers love to run around and, of course, cuddle with this adorable pup. One day his family heard a crash in the yard outside and when they went to check on Messi he was limping and holding up his back little leg. As it turned out, Messi had badly injured his knee, possibly from jumping off something and landing wrong. His family was worried, but they were prepared to do whatever was necessary to help Messi. They were speechless to hear how much his surgery would cost. Messi’s “dad” worked full time for the Coast Guard and his “mom” worked part time as a substitute teacher. At that time, they were recovering from being victims of identity theft and they were struggling financially. They turned to FACE, desperate for some assistance to save Messi. Thanks to a grant from the Animal Farm Foundation, FACE was able to help and get Messi into surgery for some relief! Without this surgery, Messi would be in a lot of pain and euthanasia would have been their only choice. His family was beyond grateful to have been able to choose life for their sweet Messi.