Melody M

This sweet, precious girl is Melody! Melody is a daddy’s girl who is mostly an indoor cat, but occasionally goes outside to explore the neighborhood. One day, Melody returned home from a stroll and was acting perfectly normal. Her dad was shocked when he picked her up and noticed she had a major gash across her chest and belly. He took his girl to the vet and they advised him to get her into surgery immediately. The problem was, besides the occasional DJ’ing gig here and there, Melody’s dad was unemployed. He lives with his mother who is a staff member at a local elementary school and they relied on Social Security Income to make ends meet. He considered not having surgery but the vet told him it was highly unlikely a laceration that size would heal on its own and regular bandage changes would cost just as much as a surgery. His only option was seeking assistance. Luckily, FACE’s Save-A-Life partner East Ridge Animal Hospital told this family about FACE and we were able to help cover the cost of Melody’s surgery! Her family reported Melody is much better after her surgery and is now a full-time indoor cat!