Maya O.

FACE Success Story “Maya” is a beautiful Husky who found herself in need of FACE funding when she somehow managed to eat a rock and needed surgery to remove it. Maya’s owner was a recent college graduate who lived with her parents and only worked part-time. She had already spent over a thousand dollars getting Maya into emergency care and having x-rays done, she could not afford the additional thousands that were being asked for the life-saving surgery Maya needed. Her parents were not in a position to help her and thus Maya and her mom were not left with many options. Fortunately, the FACE Foundation exists so that pet owners like Maya’s do not have to euthanize their beloved pet due to financial hardship. Maya’s mom was overwhelmed with joy to find out Maya was going to be saved. “I can’t thank the FACE Foundation enough for saving my best friend’s life,” she wrote in a letter. Later she updated us with Maya’s progress and reported that Maya “was already back to her old ways-smiling and constantly wagging her tail.”

Special thanks to SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, Inc. for being a FACE Life Sponsor.