After Max accidentally got out and was hit by a car, his family did everything they could to raise money for his emergency surgery. Max’s “parents” had both been working in the food service industry and when restaurants started closing due to COVID, they both lost their jobs. They had been struggling to make ends meet and were not prepared to pay for a medical emergency. Recognizing that Max’s life was at risk simply because his family couldn’t afford the cost of his care, FACE Hospital Partner and Life Sponsor Pet Emergency and Specialty Center referred the family to FACE. With their support, Max got the care he needed to save his life and keep this family together!

Thank you from Max’s Family:

“I want to truly thank you guys for being able to help my son walk again! This is such a blessing to have him home with us again and to see him on those four feet. I can’t express how much it means to us that we were able to work together. He’s came so far thanks to you guys. Sending so much hugs and love to you guys. Seriously can’t thank you enough.”