Martini W.

Meet “Martini!” This sweet girl was lucky enough to have been rescued from Tijuana over a year ago and ever since then, she has known nothing but cuddles and nonstop affection from her “mom.” One day, Martini wriggled loose from her leash and ran into the street, where a speeding car hit her and didn’t bother to stop to see if she was okay. Her mom was horrified as she watched all of this happen and promptly rushed Martini to the hospital, where Martini was diagnosed with having a fractured pelvis. At that time, her mom was unemployed and living with her parents while she got back on her feet. She didn’t hesitate to max out every line of credit she had to stabilize Martini, but when it was time for surgery she had nothing left to give. Luckily, Save-A-Life partner and Life Sponsor Pet Emergency & Specialty Center referred this heartbroken woman to FACE and we were able to pay for Martini’s surgery!