Marley is a one year old Schnauzer mix who is full of life and brings lots of joy to his family. His ìmomî says he is her little child and she loves him as much as she loves anyone in her family. One day Marley escaped from his front yard and was hit by a car, left behind by the driver to be found by his family. Marley’s mom was heartbroken to find Marley in so much pain and immediately became emotional at the overwhelming thought of losing a member of her family. Simply having Marley be seen by the hospital proved to be financially devastating. Concerned neighbors and friends rallied around the family to help cover the costs. Marley’s mom is a single parent who has very little financial support and had no way of paying for the lengthy list of veterinary expenses Marley was quickly accruing. Her heart dropped after hearing how much money Marley’s surgery would cost. She prayed all night, begging for her doggy to be saved. When FACE heard about the tragic situation we immediately reached out to save this sweet boy! Marley quickly recovered from his surgery and is back to lighting up the lives of everyone who has the pleasure of meeting him.