Meet Luna! After an old injury didn’t heal properly and got infected, Luna was unable to walk properly. When her “parents” took her to the vet, they said that Luna needed a leg amputation. Surviving on a fixed income of disability only, Luna’s parents had no way of being able to afford the cost of her surgery, and turned to FACE for help. Thanks to Judy Veterinary Clinic and The Narrow Gate for teaming up with FACE to help make Luna’s surgery possible. She can now live a long, normal happy life with her loving family.

From Luna’s family: “Thank you FACE Foundation for helping us with our cat Luna’s surgery. We’re glad to say she’s doing really good, she’s getting around really good and running and jumping just after 1 month from the surgery. Again, thank you for all the help we really appreciate all the donors that help make this possible”.

Luna & Family