Meet “Lucy”, pictured here with her best bud Mikey! Two weeks ago, Lucy got very sick. She couldn’t hold down food and was extremely lethargic. The team at VCA California Veterinary Specialists in Murrieta found that Lucy had swallowed an object that needed to be surgically removed.  After dealing with a different family health emergency earlier this year, the cost of Lucy’s surgery was not something her family could fully afford. The surgery needed to be done ASAP, so they reached out to FACE for help. With help from our donors and supporters, we were able to approve their application and keep these besties together!

“We just got home from visiting Lucy! She made it through surgery and has been doing well today. She was happy to see us, but my son was absolutely elated! They’re best buds and seeing her sick has been really tough on him. We cannot thank you enough for helping us get her through this!!
P.S. Lucy loves to suck thumbs, it’s a great sign she wanted to again!!”