When Mia and her mom named their dog Lucky, they didn’t know how appropriate that name would come to be! Not only did Lucky find a loving home, his family was willing to do anything to make sure he got the care he needed.

Recently, Lucky was hit by a car, leaving him with a broken leg. He needed surgery to save his life but it was more than his family could afford to pay on their own. Determined to help their dog, the family started a crowdfunding page, reached out to friends and family, and applied to Care Credit. Despite these efforts, they still could not afford the entire cost of the surgery. That’s when they decided to apply to FACE’s Save-a-Life Program. With our assistance and a generous discount from Veterinary Specialty Hospital- North County, Lucky was able to get the care he needed to save his life.

We owe a very special thank you to Life Sponsor Tim Blansett for keeping this family whole.