Meet Leo! This precious 7 month old cat was adopted when he was only 2 weeks old from the Humane Society. His family was looking for a new addition, and this little guy just seemed to fit right in! Unfortunately, Leo had a bad accident at home recently and hurt his leg. His family was so upset when they found out it wasn’t going to be a simple fix and Leo needed a major surgery to repair his broken femur. This unexpected cost was not doable for them. They experienced a recent job loss on top of medical debt, so were living paycheck to paycheck at the time. Knowing that they couldn’t let Leo go, they started fundraising as much as they could. They were able to raise some, but it wasn’t enough to cover the full cost, so their veterinarian referred them to FACE. Thankfully, FACE was able to fund for the rest of Leo’s surgery, and now he is back at home recovering with his loving family.