Say hello to Legend! As his name implies, he is quite the sensation amongst his family and doctors. This 2 month old German Sheperd suffered from a horrible case of parvovirus. Parvovirus is a serious canine disease, especially with puppies, that attacks white blood cells and creates lifelong problems in muscles and cardiovascular areas. Legend’s symptoms included vomiting, dehydration, and diarrhea that alarmed his family to seek immediate help.

For three weeks, Legend underwent treatment and the amazing doctors at Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (PESC) were able to stabilize Legend’s condition. Normally, canines suffering from parvovirus have a fair to poor prognosis that prevents them from proper recovery and from qualifying for FACE. Regarding Legend’s condition, his doctors stated:

“Prognosis for outpatient care in parvo dogs can be 50/50, but in Legend’s case he is doing well and the prognosis [is] suspected to be much better.”

This was great news to Legend’s family! They were extremely happy to hear that he was improving, but their funds to continue his treatment had become exhausted. PESC had done all they could to financially assist them, but now they needed a little extra push. They decided to contact FACE with Legend’s exceptional story. Since parvovirus can be extremely lethal, FACE and PESC worked extremely hard on this case. With only a small amount left of Legend’s treatment, FACE was able to assist!

Huge thanks to the staff at PESC for all their generosity!