Kyle B.

Kyle’s family adopted this handsome boy from a rescue two years ago and he has repaid them with all the love his little heart can possibly give. His “mom” works for a hospital and his dad had been let go from his job and was unemployed for only a couple of months when Kyle came down with a severe urinary blockage. Poor Kyle was not himself since he was in a lot of pain so his family had to come up with funds to have him examined and diagnosed at the vet hospital. That alone cost the family over a thousand dollars in savings. When they were told Kyle’s surgery would be an additional couple of thousand, his family became grief stricken. They didn’t have anything else to give but they knew without this surgery, Kyle had no chance of surviving and would need to be euthanized. They decided not to give up. They were referred to the FACE Foundation and because of our most recent grant from the Charles & Ruth Foundation we were able to help this family save Kyle!