Eleven-year-old Kona is a wonderful family companion! Her family recently moved from Michigan to California because her “dad” was accepted into grad school. As dad studied to become a speech therapist, Kona’s “mom” recently started working again. This was the first time she’s worked since the start of the COVID-19 cutbacks. Things looked great for the family, until they discovered Kona needed her eye removed due to an ulcer in her cornea. It only worsened when the incision site became infected. Kona’s family couldn’t stand to see her in pain, but just could not afford additional treatment costs.

Our wonderful veterinary partners at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital then told the family about the FACE Foundation, and with the help of The Grey Muzzle Organization, we helped pay for Kona’s procedure. She is now back at home with her family running on the beaches of San Diego!