Koi Koi

Koi Koi is a five-month-old Siberian Husky who was rushed to the emergency hospital after she got into hazardous material while playing in the backyard one day. Being an excitable puppy, Koi Koi ingested quite a bit of stuff she shouldn’t have and ended up requiring emergency surgery to save her life.

As a part of a military family, Koi Koi plays a vital role in ensuring stability while her dad is deployed. Her family couldn’t imagine losing their puppy simply because they couldn’t afford her life-saving veterinary care.

Luckily, Koi Koi’s family was informed by their hospital about FACE. They were shocked to find out such an organization existed! They contacted us to explain their story and quickly sent in all necessary application materials. Thanks to our network of supporters and donors, we were able to approve for Koi Koi to receive her surgery! She is happily back home with her family and won’t be getting into any more dangerous things to eat in the backyard!