Koda R.

This young pup is “Koda” and he is the biggest momma’s boy. His “mom” is a young adult who moved to San Diego from Texas. She and Koda had to move in with her uncle when her finances took a dive after only getting part-time hours at her job. One day Koda was in an accident that resulted in him needing emergency surgery to fix his hip. His mom realized the seriousness of her situation when she was told the only other option to treatment would be euthanasia. Devastated, she refused to accept that as an outcome. CVS Murrieta is a Save-A-Life partner of the FACE Foundation and they told her we were her last hope. She applied for funding and was overjoyed when FACE was able to grant the money she needed to pay for Koda’s surgery!

Special thanks to Life Sponsor’s, the Drake Family, for saving this family and their baby, Koda!