Update on King!

King is doing very well! He came to visit FACE a few weeks ago, and we got some great footage of him exploring the office.

Check out our new video of King’s journey below:

Hi!  My name is King… I am a sweet three year-old French Bulldog.  My back legs weren’t working, but I am a fighter and I was determined to survive for my best friend and owner, Bernie. The good news is my surgery should get me back on my paws running and playing in no time, and my doctor expects a full recovery!

Here is a short 30-second video of me trying to run before I received spinal surgery for my disk hernation…


This is my story:
My challenges started on Christmas Eve. I was at the dog park running and playing when I injured my back.  I let out a painful squeal and Bernie immediately knew something was terribly wrong.  He rushed me to the nearest veterinarian where they gave me a steroid injection.  I was on bed rest for two whole months!  Things seemed to be getting better and Bernie was relieved… But this past Sunday I was startled by a loud noise, jumped up, and the awful pain and paralysis came back. This time the steroid shot didn’t work.  All I wanted to do was run, play, and cuddle with Bernie, but I couldn’t do any of my favorite things.


This is Bernie’s story:
Bernie used to work as a manager for after school programs, but with the school budget cuts, he was laid off.  We had to move back in with his parents, who live on a fixed income.  Bernie couldn’t afford the entire cost of my surgery, and had already spent so much money trying to save me.  He was extremely distraught over the thought of losing me and I didn’t want to let him down.


Thankfully, the FACE Foundation pledged to help Bernie with the costs of my life-saving surgery!  Surgery went very well and I should be as good as new in no time!

A big thank you’ to all the donors that helped contribute towards my surgery!  I can’t wait until I can walk normally again, and I’ll be sure to visit the FACE Foundation so they can post a video of me running for everybody to see!