Introducing Kai! Unfortunately, this loveable fellow has had some trouble with urinary issues in the past. This time around, his condition had worsened and he was unable to urinate at all, which is a very dangerous problem for all pets! His wonderful owners brought him to the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center, where they were told he would need immediate surgery. Kai’s owners found themselves in a difficult financial situation and thankfully reached out to FACE.

Kai’s owners are a mother and daughter who live together with their favorite kitty, Kai. He has become an important member of the family. One of Kai’s owners is retired, while the other is working to pay off student loan debt. Together, they did not have a lot to put towards Kai’s important surgery. After his owners went through the application process, FACE was able to help cover the cost of the surgery to save Kai’s life. His owners could not be happier that he is now healthy. Thanks to FACE and Kai’s proactive owners, Kai can continue leading a normal kitty life that includes lounging and eating – two of his favorite things!