Meet Juna! Juna was found in a park by her owners about a year ago when she was a kitten. She seemed frightened and was so tiny that they wanted to try to help by giving her a home. Last month, Juna became very sick over a period of a few days and her owners knew something must be wrong. They took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with pyometra, a very serious infection that if left untreated can be fatal. Juna needed an emergency surgery quickly to save her life. Her owners, a single working mother and her daughter, were heartbroken when they found out that this surgery was not something they could fully afford. The great team at Care and Comfort Veterinary Hospital wanted to help this family, so they referred them to FACE. With the help of this hospital, FACE was able to fund for Juna’s emergency surgery. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor Care and Comfort Veterinary Hospital for helping to save Juna.