Jie Jie

Meet FACE Success Story “Jie Jie!” This spirited Shiba Inu had only been with her new “mom,” an international student, for about a month when she leaped off some furniture and broke her leg. Jie Jie had to be seen at Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital where they decided her leg needed to be amputated if she wanted to recover from this injury. Jie Jie’s “mom” had no job and relied on help from her parents just to go to school, she had no way of paying for this surgery. Luckily, these two were referred to FACE and we quickly had them apply for assistance. Because of the support from the Robb Family, a long-time FACE Life Sponsor, Jie Jie was approved for funding and was able to get this surgery to save her life!