Meet Jasmine!  Jasmine was having problems urinating and was diagnosed with bladder stones. This beautiful girlís situation touched our hearts when her owner had sent FACE a letter asking for help:

“Dear FACE Foundation,

My daughter and I are both disabled. I’m 77 years old and her care taker. She has had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years. Our only income is what we receive from SSA. All our other assets have been spent on my daughter’s medical care. Her disability prevents her from getting out of the house – only on occasion. She is very close to Jasmine and we don’t want to lose her. Unfortunately if Jasmine’s condition remains the same or worsens, then without surgery we will have to put her to sleep. I hope you will be able to help us.”

FACE was able to get involved and with our financial support Jasmine’s surgery was a success! Today, this special cat continues to bring comfort and companionship to her family that cares for her so much.