Jasmine H

“Jasmine” has an adventurous spirit and loves going on trips with her human mom. She got impatient one day and escaped from her home, when she was tragically hit by a car. Her “mom” was heartbroken to see her happy and energetic friend in such a state. When Jasmine’s vet confirmed a major surgery was needed to repair her hip, it was more than her mom could bear. She was still recovering from a previous surgery Jasmine had needed and instantly knew there was no way she could afford a second operation. Frantic for help, she reached out to friends and family but came up short. Luckily, Save-A-Life partner VCA Animal Specialty Group reached out to FACE and helped them apply for assistance. Soon, Jasmine’s mom was approved for an emergency grant to cover the rest of Jasmine’s surgery! Now they are back together, healthy and happy, ready to take on the world.