Sweet Jasmine was suffering from pyometra – a severe infection of the uterus. She needed emergency surgery to save her life. Her owner, a young woman struggling to make ends meet, was devastated. She had spent her savings getting Jasmine diagnosed. ‘She is my little girl,’ she said in a letter to FACE. ‘All she wants is someone to love her and I do with all my heart.’ Luckily, FACE teamed up with ABC Vet of Kearny Mesa, and now Jasmine is back home by her loving owner’s side. 

In a thank you note to FACE, Jasmine’s grateful owner wrote: 

This is my story and that is my little girl. If wasn’t for the FACE Foundation Jasmine would not be with me today. I thank the FACE Foundation and everyone that supports them every day; because of them, my baby is happy and healthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’