As weather warms, please take extra precaution to protect pets from venomous critters. Unfortunately, sometimes there is only so much one can do to shield pets from a medical emergency…

Ivy, a 2-year-old Husky, was recently bit when she got too close to a rattlesnake’s hiding place in her yard. Luckily, her family was close by and able to rush her to a vet. Not only had Ivy been bitten, the snake’s fang was stuck in her nose! If rattlesnake bites are not treated immediately, they can be fatal.

With recent layoffs due to the health crisis, Ivy’s family did not have the funds available to pay for the emergency care needed to save their fur-baby. Upon hearing the family’s financial concerns, the team at VCA California Veterinary Specialists-Murrieta referred them to FACE. Thanks to the generous support from our friends at Ruggable, Ivy got the time-sensitive treatment she needed to save her life!