Meet “Hoskey!” Hoskey is a seven year old Terrier who has been with his “parents” since he was a puppy. He was the first “child” of the family and later was joined by a human sister and human brother who adore him. One day, the family got a new dog that was much bigger than Hoskey and attacked him. Poor Hoskey had multiple bite wounds and the vet confirmed he needed emergency vet care or his chances of recovering would be meek. The family was devastated. They had to find a new home for their other dog and now they faced the possibility of losing Hoskey too. Thousands of dollars later, the family had exhausted their savings and had nothing left to continue treatment. Save-A-Life partner VCA Animal Specialty Group recommended they apply for assistance with FACE and luckily, we were able to pledge the funds for Hoskey to get his vet care. Special thanks to Life Sponsor MGN Online for helping to save Hoskey’s life!