Hercules K.

This adorable Maltese/Yorkie mix is “Hercules!” Hercules is a spunky 2 year old who was struggling with an obstruction in his urethra last year when he became completely blocked and required an emergency surgery to unblock him. His family was desperate, their little guy hadn’t eaten or drank anything for a couple days and they knew every second that passed was a danger to his life. Their family consisted of 3 young children, all of whom would be devastated if anything happened to little Hercules. Hercules’ “parents” were financially recovering from thousands of dollars in medical bills that were spent battling his mom’s Lymphoma diagnosis. Hercules’ dad had just returned to work and was only receiving commission with his job as a mortgage broker. Things were not looking good for Hercules. Luckily, FACE’s Save-A-Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital referred this family in need to the FACE Foundation and we were able to pay to save Hercules’ life!