Alan is a young, former Navy officer turned full-time college student. He works while attending school and is the dog ìdadî of a spunky little Chihuahua mix named Heman. When Alan left happy Heman to go to work one day, coming home to an injured pet was the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, while Alan was away, Heman discovered an opening in the fence and scrambled out of the yard, only to be hit by a car nearby. Heman suffered multiple devastating fractures and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

When Alan learned of the cost it would take to repair Hemanís extensive injuries, he did not know how he would be able to help his friend. In spite of the financial obstacles, Alan did his best to keep Heman comfortable and immediately went to work sharing his story with friends, family and anyone with a big heart who might be willing to help. Alan set up a fundraising page for Heman, and his mother even sold cupcakes through her bakery to raise money for the surgery.

In his effort to help Heman with his critical veterinary care, Alan came across the FACE Foundation and contacted us to tell his story. Combined with Alanís fundraising efforts, FACE was able to contribute enough so that Heman could have surgery and return home. Although it was a long recovery, Alan could not have been happier to have his trusted friend back by his side.

In a heartfelt letter to FACE, Alanís mom wrote, ìMy note today is one of gratitude and thanks, you saved my sonís dog. This is my sonís childÖhis fur-kid, if you will. Heman goes everywhere with Alan (except to school or work) and we are all thankful that you were there in our moment of need.î