Hannah Q.

FACE Success Story “Hannah” is not one you will soon forget! Hannah has been a part of her family since Christmas Eve in 2007 when Santa brought her as a gift to the kids. Since that time, the family has grown to a total of three children, all of whom are very attached to Hannah. Hannah is equally attached, she follows the kids around all day and sleeps with them at night. She was always very health until one day, the family woke up and Hannah had somehow cut herself and was missing a couple of the digits on her paw. The vet bill itself was more than her family could afford but when the vet decided amputation was the best option, her “parents” knew this was out of the question for them. In a letter to FACE, Hannah’s mom pleaded, “I have never asked for a hand out and always manage to work things out on my own but this time I am at a loss. Hannah is not just our pet, she’s a family member. My kids will be heartbroken if we have to give her up and I think Hannah will too.” Hannah’s mom also explained that she and her husband had so much debt they could easily file for bankruptcy but they were trying to do the right thing by paying it off. They were both working but they were recovering from a year of her husband being unemployed. FACE knew we had to help keep this family together. Because of the support of our generous donors, FACE was able to pay to save Hannah!