Meet Gracie! She is a 5 month-old Chihuahua mix who was recently adopted by her loving owner. One day while on a walk, Gracie ‘spooked’ and ran, causing her walker to drop the leash. Unfortunately, a car had just turned onto the street and hit Gracie. She suffered multiple fractures and needed a very costly surgery in order to survive. Her owner, a teacher, is off for the summer and living off of savings until school starts again. She was unable to cover the full cost of Gracie’s surgery, so she turned to FACE. Thankfully, FACE was able to help Gracie and her owner, and Gracie is now happily back at home.

‘Words cannot express my gratitude to the FACE Foundation for all they have done to help me save my little Gracie after she was hit by a car. She makes me so happy each and every day and could not imagine what could have happened without the help of FACE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be a supporter of this amazing foundation. ‘   –Gracie’s ‘mom’