Grace Donahue

Grace D.

FACE would like to thank Animal Farm Foundation for granting us funds that allowed FACE to save not one, but two lives, by helping Success Story “Grace” and her unborn puppy!
Grace is a gentle giant! This cuddly pit bull enjoyed a life full of love for the past 6 years with 4 human brothers and sisters, and 2 furry family members. Everyone was supported by a single mom who did not receive any child support and worked as a caregiver. She was a great provider for the family but when Grace became pregnant and was unable to birth her puppies, she was unable to pay for this unexpected cost. An emergency C-section would cost thousands of dollars and without this surgery, the puppies, and even Grace, would not make it. Thankfully, FACE had funds from a grant provided by the Animal Farm Foundation so we were able to help Grace get into surgery! Grace gave birth to one little “fighter” puppy who the family decided to keep and name “Lucky!” FACE would also like to thank Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency & Specialty Center for working with us to save Grace and Lucky!