Gohan is a playful one-year old kitty with a warm heart and a love of adventuring! Unfortunately, adventure comes with its fair share of risks, and one day he didn’t come back home after he went outside. His worried family searched everywhere, yet couldn’t find him. Only after a painful two days, he returned home, to his family’s relief. Even though he returned, his family worried, as they noticed he had a large bump on his back. They became very concerned because their once lively Gohan now refused to eat and breathed laboriously. His family rushed him to his veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition that causes fluid to build up in the chest cavity.

Gohan required tubes to drain the fluid from his chest and several days of hospitalization. Gohan’s family was heartbroken and overwhelmed by the sudden cost of this emergency treatment. His mom is a single parent supporting three children, and couldn’t afford the cost on her own. She couldn’t bear to leave Gohan to suffer or euthanize him… When things looked bleak, she reached out to FACE. Thanks to our veterinary partner, A Cat’s View Veterinary Hospital and generous sponsor, SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Inc, Gohan received the life-saving treatment he needed and is back home watching birds and sunning himself safely from a windowsill as an indoor cat!