Gizmo R.

“Gizmo” is an adorable little French Bulldog puppy who is always bursting with love! Gizmo is a military family pet and enjoyed three wonderful months with his new family when he had a stroke of bad luck. His energetic nature got the best of him one day and he badly injured himself while playing outside in the yard. Gizmo had a broken leg. His “dad” was active duty so their family lived on base, but Gizmo’s “mom” was unable to work from being in and out of surgery since having their seven week old son. Whatever money they did have was reserved for their newborn son who had multiple congenital heart problems and was scheduled for open heart surgery in a couple months. As much as they wanted to save Gizmo they had no idea how they could come up with the money for his surgery. Luckily, Bodhi animal hospital referred them to FACE and the rest is history! Gizmo is still right by his baby brother, where he belongs.


Gizmo Rushing intext