Fozzie is a happy little guy who doesn’t let anything bring him down! He’s enjoyed being the only child in his family and gets to soak up all the love his “parents” can muster. One day, Fozzie’s parents noticed one of his eyes closed and some weird discharge. They treated it as if he had glaucoma because that was the doctor’s diagnosis but the eye drops made it worse. Soon it was decided his eye would have to be removed, as Fozzie was now in a lot of pain and there was no way to save the eye. His parents knew they could not afford this enucleation surgery. They were both unemployed and were surviving off of their savings until they could find new work. They relied on support from friends and family just to pay for Fozzie’s medications up until that point. They reached out to FACE with their hearts in their hands, desperate to save their furry son. They watched him grow for the past 8 years after rescuing him from the shelter as a puppy and couldn’t imagine life without him. Luckily, FACE was able to approve Fozzie for the funds he needed to get his eye removed and finally get back to living in peace.