We are so excited to announce that FACE has now saved its second rabbit from economic euthanasia! Fire is a 7 year old male Rex Rabbit who has been the companion of his ‘dad’ for 6 years. Fire’s ‘dad’ got very nervous when he started to refuse food and water, and decided he needed to see a vet. Good thing he did, because it turned out that Fire had GI Stasis: a condition in which the digestive system slows down and can completely stop. If left untreated, this can be a fatal. Fire’s owner is single, disabled, and on a fixed income, so the unexpected cost for the emergency treatment was not something he could afford. Fire ended up needed 6 days of hospitalization to ensure his survival. Thankfully, FACE was able to assist with the help of Acacia Animal Health Center and Fire is now back at home with ‘dad’ recovering. Special thanks to FACE Life Sponsor the ASPCA for helping to save Fire.