Figaro M.

FACE Success Story “Figaro” is the sweetest kitty you could ever have the pleasure of meeting! This love bug shares a very special bond with his human siblings since they grew up together. Their family soon went through hard times after their father was diagnosed with having a potentially deadly disease that proved to be financially draining. Soon he was unable to work very much and the only source of income was their mother’s part time job. Things came to a halt when their loving kitty got sick from eating something he shouldn’t have and was going to need surgery to save his life. His family finally felt the severity of their situation when they realized they might lose one of their own because of financial hardship. Luckily, they heard about the FACE Foundation and we were able to grant them the funds to save sweet Figaro! After receiving his surgery, Figaro’s family nurtured him back to good health. Because of the FACE Foundation, this family was able to get a helping hand during a tough time and Figaro is still here today to spread love and laughter.