FACE Donors Save Roxy!

Roxy is a spirited three month old Chihuahua who is in desperate need of surgery. Over the weekend, Roxy’s loving family came home to find her yelping and crying in immense pain. They immediately took her to their veterinarian only to discover that Roxy had suffered a terrible level IV fracture that had severely damaged her growth plate. Without surgery, Roxy would remain in agonizing pain and her leg would slowly deform. Roxy’s family is heartbroken. She has only been in their life for a short month, but she has become an important part of their family. Her “mom” is a receptionist, and her “dad” works full time doing maintenance and repairs for apartment complexes. They have a two year old son, who adores Roxy. They are a hardworking family but simply do not have enough money in savings to pay for Roxy’s much needed, expensive surgery.

“She’s super sweet and we love her so much! We can’t imagine our life without our precious girl. If there is anyone that can help it would be greatly appreciated…we don’t want our baby going through any more pain.” -Roxy’s loving mom

Well, FACE reached out to our donors on behalf of this little pup and in less than 24 hours Roxy was into surgery! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Roxy’s procedure!! Now this little girl is recovering back at home with her loving family.