Ernie G.

This big boy is “Ernie!” Ernie and his doggy brother are the pride and joy of their “parents.” Ernie’s “dad” was lucky enough to be featured on a reality show and had to give up his stable job for a chance at his dream. Those few months he was gone took a toll on the family as Ernie’s “mom” struggled with all the finances of the household in his absence. During this time, Ernie came down with a serious urinary blockage and multiple tests could not find the main cause. All these expenses cost Ernie’s mom hundreds of dollars and when he was finally diagnosed there were no more funds to give. Ernie’s mom felt utterly alone, she barely was able to speak with her husband for more than a few minutes every week and she didn’t want to lose Ernie. Luckily, the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley encouraged her to contact FACE and we were able to fund the emergency treatment Ernie desperately needed!