Meet Enya! This precious feline urgently needed a cystotomy that unfortunately her owner couldn’t afford at the time. Fortunately, FACE was able to help her out, and now Enya is back at home with her ‘dad’ and adorable sister kitty, ‘Joni.’

Take a look at this letter from Enya’s loving owner:

‘I wanted to share with you guys how the Universe has blessed me recently. 

My cat Enya, came down with a kidney stone that had blocked her urethra; she was in pretty bad shape, but was in otherwise good health, and I was told that the operation to remove the stone was pretty routine, as operations go. But, it wasn’t inexpensive. Having just started a new, low-paying job after being unemployed for 8 months, my finances were non-existent. When I was told what the cost of the operation would be, my heart sank…it looked like euthanasia was something I was going to have to consider.

At that point, the Veterinary Specialty Hospital told me about the FACE Foundation and how they might be able to help. I was in a panic by then, but filled out the necessary forms and waited for their answer. I wasn’t about to lose the pet that I had raised from a kitten. It wasn’t her time yet.

Well, after getting all the facts, the FACE Foundation apparently agreed…[I] about passed out with relief when I was told they’d cover the cost. I couldn’t believe my good fortune…I was praying for it, but was not expecting it. I am happy to report that my little girl is getting better every day, and is back to her old feisty, playful & affectionate self.

I can’t put into words the depth of my gratitude for the Foundation coming through for me. The Love of our God/Creator/The Universe speaks through generous people like these, and I am joining their other grateful recipients in asking for abundant blessings upon them & their efforts to help people like me who love our pets as if they were our own children. From the depth of my soul, I thank them & bless them with ‘All The Love Of The Universe’. They are shining examples of why there will always be hope for the human race!’