Emma is a pit bull mix puppy whose best friend is Bella, a Mastiff mix. The day after Christmas when Emma was only four months old, she and Bella, who is only two years old, decided to celebrate the holiday season with some fun and games. We’d call it rough housing; the dogs would call it exuberant play!

No one knows whether Emma accidentally hit her right shoulder against a table during the play but we do know that she ended up with a fractured right elbow. Surgical repair was necessary and Emma’s human family, with one pet parent in the military, needed a little bit of help to pay for the procedure. That’s when FACE stepped in to help.

Today, Emma is doing great. In fact, we hear that the day after her surgery when two or three pins and a screw were implanted, she wanted to be up and around as if nothing had happened. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she was very happy when four weeks of crate rest ended! Emma and Bella still love to play with each other but if Emma isn’t playing with Bella, she’s looking for her rubber dinosaur or a Nylabone. Life is good!