Sweet “Echo” was enjoying his life full of love when he came down with a sudden and severe urethral obstruction that caused him a lot of pain. His “parents” did everything they could, including borrowing money from family, to pay for his urgent vet care and catheter treatments. Nothing worked; Echo remained blocked and was suffering. His “mom” was devastated when the vet told her how much the surgery would cost, but that was Echo’s last chance at surviving. Echo had been a part of their family since he was a kitten 6 years ago, they couldn’t imagine putting their sweet boy to sleep. They reached out to the FACE Foundation, pleading for assistance to save their furry boy, “Right now we are facing losing our baby, Echo, due to crystals in his urine…and now we are faced with this horrible decision. He’s still so happy and full of life. Please, please help!” Without support from generous donors, like Life Sponsor Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, the FACE Foundation would not have been able to save sweet Echo. Luckily, FACE was able to spare this family the heartache of a premature and painful goodbye, and Echo was saved!