Dusty O.

Meet FACE Success Story “Dusty!” His family sought assistance last year when Dusty suffered many painful fractures and needed immediate surgery to save his life. Dusty’s mom explained how much he meant to her family, “Our 10 year old daughter Amanda is Dusty’s little mommy and Dusty is Amanda’s most treasured friend in this whole world! Amanda sadly suffers from moderate anxiety, which is partly stemmed from her lifelong stomach and gastrointestinal conditions, including IBS and colon spasms. Amanda has developed a fear of being alone in several facets of her life such as, taking a bath, using the restroom, being alone in her bedroom, including at night, while sleeping. Dusty is always right by Amanda’s side, like a little guardian angel. He has proudly become her little comfort/therapy dog and happily marches to the restroom or bedroom as needed, as to comfort his favorite human.”  She pleaded for FACE to help since her family of 5 was in no position to afford his surgery. Her husband was unemployed and his disability ended a few weeks ago. The family was barely surviving off her income. FACE spared this family another heartbreak and we were able to fund Dusty’s surgery!