Dusty G.

“Dusty” is an adorable 4 year old Terrier mix who was rescued from the shelter as a puppy. His “mom” works part-time to go to school and between rent, tuition, and everyday living expenses, money is a little tight for their small family. However, there is more than enough love between them to keep them happy as can be! One morning, Dusty was unable to stand up and use the restroom. He wouldn’t walk and his mom soon realized his legs seemed to stop working, so she rushed him to the vet for some answers. Turns out, Dusty had developed a crippling spine disease that required an expensive surgery to reverse. She raised an impressive amount of money on her GoFundMe account but was still hopelessly short of the total funds needed. Time was quickly running out and she knew Dusty was in a lot of pain. She began considering other options, ones that were heartbreaking but ultimately seemed to be the most humane solution for Dusty. Much to her relief, FACE stepped in and was able to grant her the money for Dusty’s spinal surgery!