Dixie W.

Meet FACE Success Story “Dixie!” She is a happy girl who enjoys soaking up the love from her “parents”. Her “dad” is active in the military and her “mom” works at a bridal shop. They recently moved to San Diego and were catching up on paying bills when Dixie started dragging her hind legs. Dixie began crying out in pain they took her to the vet where it was discovered the she had a pinched nerve in her spine that was causing a painful sensation and slowly crippling her. Her parents have been attached to Dixie for the last 4 years of her life, ever since they rescued her from the shelter. They refused to euthanize, which was their only other option if they didn’t get Dixie her surgery. They reached out to FACE and we were able to help them save Dixie!

Without the support from Life Sponsor Shepherd Kaplan LLC, FACE may not have been able to fund Dixie’s surgery. Thank you for your generous, life-saving donation!