Daisy Roy

FACE grantee “Daisy” is the sweetest little German Pointer mix who is adored by her family. One day, this sweetheart started acting different and her human mom decided to take her to the vet. Within hours, Daisy lost mobility of her legs and was yelping with any slight movement.  A specialist determined she has a herniated disc and needed immediate surgery to reverse this painful condition before she became permanently disabled. Her human mom was disabled and had barely scraped together enough money to bring Daisy to a specialty hospital, there was no way she could afford this procedure. She knew she had to do something since the only other option for Daisy was euthanasia, to end her suffering. Lucky for her, VCA Animal Medical Center is a Save-A-Life partner and they promptly reached out to FACE to recommend Daisy as a good candidate for a grant. FACE was thrilled to have been able to help pay for Daisy’s surgery!