Cutie H.

Meet Cutie! Cutie is truly an exceptional dog. She found her way into her owner’s life 8 years ago in San Jose, and has been with him ever since. She was a gift to her ‘dad,’ who has been fighting a life-long spinal virus that has caused brain damage and a constant battle with seizures. When Cutie came into his life, things started to look up. She is a constant source of happiness to her loving ‘dad.’ She can even sense when his seizures are coming on and help him through them. For a few days, Cutie was acting sick, lethargic, and just unlike herself. After a few vet visits, it was determined that she had Pyometra, a very serious infection of the uterus which if left untreated is usually fatal. Her owner was faced with the decision of either getting her treated or euthanizing her to alleviate her pain. Although he faced one of the hardest decisions of his life, he could not afford the full cost of the surgery that Cutie needed to save her life. He was only receiving disability income and a little help from his mom, who is also his full time care taker. Thankfully before the painful decision of putting her down had to be made, Cutie’s owners contacted FACE. With the help of our Save-a-Life partner A Black Mountain Road Pet Clinic, FACE was able to get Cutie treated and send her back home with her family.