Cozmo loves to run around and play with his family. Cozmo was playing like it was any other day when he tried to make a jump over a fence and accidentally lacerated his leg! Cozmo was rushed to the Carlsbad Animal Hospital and was told that he needed surgery immediately! Cozmo’s family knew that they could not afford the unexpected surgery, so they frantically turned to FACE for help. In a very quick effort, FACE was able to help fund Cozmo’s same-day, life-saving surgery! Cozmo’s family was so grateful that FACE helped to save Cozmo’s life! He is now running around and playing like nothing ever happened and is happy to be home and back to normal!

‘Thank you so much for your assisting us with Cozmo. He is a very happy dog, which makes us happy. Your foundation is truly a blessing.’ 
 – Bellows Family